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neck pain reliefMany Northbrook Illinois residents are suffering needlessly with neck pain on a daily basis. Whether they blame it on their pillow, cell phone / laptop use, or stress, neck pain can turn into a debilitating condition and lead to other, more concerning health issues.

While massage therapy or physical therapy can address the muscles and ligaments that are causing neck pain, the vast majority of patients are actually suffering with spinal misalignment in the neck.

Poor postural habits, old sports or workout injuries, ergonomic issues at work, or forgotten auto accidents have all teamed together to misalign your cervical spine. Whether you have a forward head posture, or there are one or two vertebra out of alignment, in order to address neck pain, you’d have to have a chiropractor fix the misalignments.

If left untreated, poor neck posture can lead to tingling and numbness in the face and extremities, fatigue, migraine headaches, headaches, fibromyalgia, trouble sleeping, thyroid issues, and even high blood pressure.

The only way to address neck pain is through corrective chiropractic care. Well, actually the other option would be to go under the knife and have surgery – but when there’s a non-invasive and painless options like corrective chiropractic care, why go that route?

Neck Pain Relief In Northbrook

At Align Wellness Center in Northbrook Illinois, we specialize in Advanced Chiropractic BioPhysics, the most researched, published, scientific, and results-oriented corrective care technique in the world.

We utilize digital x-rays and posture analysis software to pinpoint the area of the spine responsible for your neck pain, then create a custom treatment plan that includes mirror image traction, chiropractic adjustments, and home exercises to slowly realign your spine back to health. In doing so, we lift pressure off of the delicate nerves, and restore full nerve energy flow back to your limbs and organs.

By allowing nerve energy to flow freely again, our Northbrook Illinois patients not only get long-term relief from neck pain, but more importantly see a dramatic increase in energy, mobility, and overall wellness.

If you’d like to get long-term neck pain relief, contact our Northbrook office today to see if you’re a candidate for corrective chiropractic care.

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